Artwork Requirements

Acceptable Forms of Artwork Include:

1.  Vector Art:  These art files are scalable and once created will look the same on a business card as they will on a billboard.  *Please convert all text to outlines, curves, or paths*

  • .eps Encapsulated Postscript – Saved from a vector based program i.e. Illustrator
  • .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader – This format works well for both vector and high resolution raster files.  We do not accept multi-page pdfs on one file.
  • .ai Adobe Illustrator – Creative Cloud

2.  Raster Art:  Raster or Bitmap files are pixel-based and can often appear “jagged” if the resolution is not high enough.

  • .jpg Hi-Resolution (150 dpi actual size, saved as CMYK) This is the preferred method for signs and banners larger than 2' x 3'.   If you have graphics smaller than 2' x 3' or have detailed text or artwork please save at 300 dpi.  If you have bleeds please add 1/2" around all sides.
  • For billboard banners scale 1" - 1' and save at 360 dpi.

Unacceptable forms of artwork include:

  • Raster Files:  .gif, .wmf, .bmp, low resolution jpg, (any of the above saved as a eps);  
  • Programs: Quark, Paint, Publisher, and greeting card software
  • Any internet art being used on a website
  • Licensed logos of sports teams

Please keep in mind artwork pulled off the internet is not acceptable and will result in the images being pixelated when enlarged.  We do offer vectorizing services if you do not have access to vector artwork.